My story begins much the same way as others’ who suffer from endometriosis.  As a teenager I had very painful and heavy periods.  After seeking help from my gynecologist she recommended that I begin taking birth control pills to help alleviate my symptoms and regulate my cycles.  Trusting my doctor, I followed her directions and went on “the pill.” However, after seven years on “the pill” I thought that perhaps there could be something else wrong with me.  I switched gynecologists and was finally given some insight as to the culprit of my pain: endometriosis.  The endometriosis could only be diagnosed through laparoscopic surgery, so on December 21, 2009 I had my first laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and hopefully remove my endometriosis.  Thanks to the doctor and a laser, which he used to burn away the visible endometriosis, I was free from my endo.  Or so I thought.

Within two months the pain was back.  It was the same story of writhing in pain with every period and not being able to stand up straight because it felt like my insides were ripping apart.  For the next two years I would try even more birth control options in the hopes that my misery would end.  Though part of my routine, the pills and shots never provided relief and certainly did not cure my condition.

Finally, I accepted the advice of a friend who recommended me to Liz Parrish, a nurse that had worked with women with endometriosis.  I contacted Liz on February 1, 2012 and met her for a formal introduction in to the Creighton Model FerilityCare System on February 6, 2012.  The very next day I began charting my cycles.

Just like that, I had a plan.   After charting for two months I met my amazing doctor, Jean Golden-Tevald.  She gave me something I had lost: hope.   Dr. Jean made me feel like anything was possible.  She put me in touch with a surgeon and explained how surgery using NaProTechnology would be different from my first.   

The NaPro method ensured that the endometriosis wouldn’t return and that my fertility would be preserved.  After our first meeting, I agreed that this was my option.  I had my surgery with Dr. Kyle Beiter on May 29, 2012 where he removed all of my endometriosis.

Shortly after my surgery, my husband and I were cleared to begin trying to conceive.  I visited Dr. Jean daily for a week so that she could perform ultrasounds on my ovaries to see if I was ovulating.  On August 8, 2012 I ovulated.  On August 18, 2012 I got my positive pregnancy test.  On April 29, 2013 my precious baby Kendall Paige was born…exactly 11 months after my surgery with Dr. Beiter.