Many years ago, at age 20, I was diagnosed with stage-four endometriosis.  At that time (1980s), conventional medicine dictated that surgery, followed by a regimen of birth control pills for the rest of my reproductive life would be the only remedy to control this painful condition.  I was told that children were not to be expected.  I accepted this news and followed doctor’s orders.  Over the years, I had several more surgeries to remove endometrial tissue and many different types of medication for pain control.

When I met my future husband, of course, I had to explain my condition and he accepted that there probably would not be natural children and has been a great comfort to me.  After our marriage, heavy bleeding and severe pain continued to the point that my doctor suggested taking the pills without the week-long break that allows for bleeding.  After a temporary time period of being pain-free, the pain returned with a vengeance.  Around the same time, I read a news article about the dangers of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal women.  Though I was using hormones for a different intent, I knew that these drugs were in the same family and the article struck a chord with me.  In fact, it was my very own doctor who was interviewed for the article. She indicated that results were not conclusive about HRT causing cancer and she herself took the drugs – and if something were to happen to herself, she would accept it.  Her actual quote was…”I’m not going to sue myself.”  Well, after that public “endorsement” from my own doctor, I immediately began a search to find relief in a healthy way.  As I had been on the pill for so long, I also began to wonder, as I age, if my cycle changes, how will I know?  It was also at this time that I returned to my Catholic faith and had become a member of the women’s group at my parish.  One of our ladies told me about NFP and NaPro Technology, in particular.  There was a presentation at St. David’s parish in Willow Grove and I attended.  After the presentation, I immediately contacted Barbara Rose, who became my Creighton Model Practitioner, and I attended a training session.

Four years later, I am now a committed NaPro Technology user.  In using this system, I have learned what is normal for my body and know when something is amiss.  To put my health and well-being in my own hands and to work with my healthcare providers instead of being passive has been a tremendous gift from NaPro.  I am now in peri-menopause and I would never have known this had I continued down a road that kept me in the dark and my body in an unhealthy and unnatural state.

NaPro Technology is for every woman who wants to understand how her body works, to live according to God’s will, regardless of ability to conceive or bear children.  As I progress into menopause, I know that the tools I have received from NaPro will continue to aid me for years to come.  I am truly grateful.