After coming off of birth control (pill) that I went on as a teenager (b/c the doctor told me it will help my heavy periods be lighter and less cramps), I thought it would be easy to get pregnant. My cycles were consistent every month prior to going on the pill and my OB, along with the rest of society, told me that I'd be able to get pregnant once stopping the pill. Wrong. When I didn't get a period for 3 months my OB tried to start one by giving me drugs to cause withdraw bleeding. After 10 days of the medicine, nothing....nothing for another 3 months when we tried it again. Now that it was 6 months from stopping the pill, my doctor was ready to send me to a fertility specialist. I was not ready to go to a specialist-my feeling was "drugs got me into this mess, why would I turn to them to get me out. Yes I do want to get pregnant but I think we should get to the root of the problem-why am I not having my periods." We saw an announcement in our church bulletin for an information session regarding CrMS... We did learn a little about NFP during Pre Cana but really didn't know much about CrMS. After attending the information session, my husband and I felt it was for us and started right away. After working with Theresa and Dr. Jean Golden-Tevald, I learned through my charting that in addition to my PCOS, I ovulate later than the traditional cycle and have low luteal phase progesterone levels which would definitely affect my ability to sustain a pregnancy. My current OB would NEVER had gone through all that these women did for me to figure it out (time, patience, blood tests, etc.). I will also add that during my last month of pregnancy, my current OB asked me why I was even on progesterone shots (prescribed by Dr. Jean and I was on them from 4 weeks to 34 weeks) in the first place when I "...didn't have a history of miscarriages.". I was beyond shocked when she said this - does that mean my doctor would have let me endure the pain of a miscarriage, maybe even twice, before investigating why? I truly believe that without CrMS I would not be a mother today. So, to sum it up, I'm most frustrated how conventional medicine is quick to jump at achieving the end result (pregnancy) with many expensive drugs and in many instances, does a half hearted attempt at finding out the root of the problem.