When I stopped taking birth control pills and began using the Creighton Model FertilityCare system and NaPro Technology, I considered myself a healthy woman. Soon, however, I discovered through my observations and charting that I was not getting a menstrual period. The birth control pills had been giving me a “fake” period, leading me to believe that all was well. In a kind, compassionate way, my instructor suggested that I had let my body become too thin and subsequently my period stopped and I became temporarily infertile. I began eating a better diet and exercising in a more moderate fashion. Slowly I noticed my body get back to normal. Six months later my menstrual cycle began again. Three months after that I became pregnant with my son. Without Creighton I would not have known that there was something wrong with my fertility. Many women are unaware of the status of their fertility, however I was able to “watch” my cycle on a day-to-day basis. This provided emotional support as I watched my body “reawaken.” I am now successfully using Creighton to postpone my second pregnancy until our family is ready.