Once I was married, my husband and I had no trouble getting pregnant. However, I did often have a problem with holding onto a pregnancy. Throughout the first 5 years of our marriage, I miscarried three times. Once I was pregnant, I also experienced similar emotional symptoms as my PMS. I was often teary and tense, not at all like my normal self. Then, when I was able to carry a pregnancy to term, the post-partum time period was just awful. It was PMS magnified by ten. I truly thought I was going crazy at times. I continually, with my husband's encouragement, sought out help for my symptoms. I attended counseling and saw different physicians, pursued natural medicine and nutritional supplements. I increased my exercise and changed my diet. I read everything I could on the subject trying to diagnose my particular issues. Although some of the remedies I tried helped some, nothing addressed what was the cause of my problems. This all changed when I was introduced to Creighton. After the birth of our 4th child, a new friend brought me dinner, and found me in tears. Right away, she suggested that I contact a Creighton doctor nearby who might be able to diagnose and treat my post-partum depression symptoms. After all the remedies I had tried, I was skeptical to say the least, but I figured I had nothing to lose, so I made the appointment. After only a short consultation and health history told through tears and feelings that bordered on despair, it was clear to Dr. Jean that my body was not producing adequate amounts of progesterone, and that was most likely what was behind not only the feelings of depression, but all of my other symptoms as well. She started treatment for me that very day in her office with an injection of natural progesterone…. Needless to say, the progesterone therapy not only made that post-partum a "non-event", but it has since completely done away with my PMS, painful periods, and has even seen us though the pregnancy and birth of our youngest daughter practically free from the previous symptoms.